Sore Losers

Sore Losers

Posted by Jon Napoli on 29th Dec 2016

The Hempest, along with many others, worked long and hard for our victories in Massachusetts in the years 2008, 2012 and 2016. Before and after each victory Massachusetts politicians chose to be on the losing side and worked against the will of the people. It is hard to tell if they actually think they know better than and therefore do not need to work for the people they represent or if they just think they represent the corporations and institutions that profit from prohibition. Either way, they have now exposed themselves as ignorant, hypocritical, self-serving politicians who stubbornly cling to old falsehoods to justify their stance on the wrong side of history.

The power remains in the people's hands. Our representatives at the state and national level, who falsely think of themselves as leaders, would lead us right over a cliff if we let them. The Hempest was founded in 1995 to help push positive political, ecological and economic change from the private sector. The change we need is not going to come from the public sector unless we the people demand it. It is the people who are ending the prohibition on cannabis consumption in this country, not the politicians. Our politicians in this deep blue state couldn't even support decriminalization or medical use when 2/3s of their constituents did!
The Hempest will not stop exposing the truth about this amazing plant and countering the politicians propaganda and neither should you. Cannabis is a life saving medicine and hemp is a planet saving crop. Supporting hemp is about preserving our future. Those who remain in denial are doing their best to keep us on the path towards ecological and economic collapse, the likes of which will be beyond anything humanity has ever witnessed.
We all need to help create a new viable way forward and cannabis is a major part of the shift towards a more aware, peaceful and just world.

The Hempest


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